Our Mission

Silver Spirit Global understands the realities of establishing, operating and growing a successful business because we've done it. Our business development and entrepreneurial focused skill set offers a wide range of opportunities. With a strong background in business process technologies, IT solutions, and business development we are seeking individuals, startups and ideas to build a better future for all.

Metro Atlanta: Opportunities Abound

As the business capital of the Southeast, Atlanta continues to pull in business investment and attract new residents. The Metro-Atlanta area, especially the neighborhoods in close proximity to the heart of the city continue to reinvent their image with increased investment and modern developments.

Areas such as Atlanta's historic Old Fourth Ward and the re-imagined  Ponce City Market have quickly revamped previously unattractive parts of the city. With these projects yielding great returns, other parts of the city are being targeted for further investment. West Midtown, a previously industrial focused area has seen similar developments begin that should only lead to more interest in the area.

Accelerate Atlanta

The booming environment of technology startups continues as entrepreneurs and investors realize untapped potential. True opportunities for technology startups were previously restricted to specific geographies, but no more. While global startup hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York City and many more are well established, real opportunity lies in developing a similar innovative culture in our local ecosystem.

Atlanta is already recognized as the business capital of the Southeast, and as our city continues expanding, so will our opportunities. With many Fortune 500 company headquarters in Metro-Atlanta, as well as world-class talent from top ranked Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta offers a unique opportunity for innovators and mentors to collaborate.

Incubation Leads to Opportunity

Similar to accelerator programs, startup incubators target early-stage organizations, but with a different approach. Incubators offer similar benefits as accelerators such as business operations support, networking opportunities, and an exciting and cost efficient work environment, but without a rigorous and selective program experience.While the environment may be less structured than an accelerator program, by no means is it less helpful to the business building process. Startups benefit from time in an incubator organization by working alongside other startups in a collaborative environment, and are positioned for opportunities otherwise unavailable to an infant startup.

Private Equity Supports Atlanta's Progress

Private equity (PE), while significantly different and less developed than other available investment options such as equities, bonds or currency, is still founded on the fundamental principles of due diligence, strategic acquisition and exit, all dependent on a given rate of return. The innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley have a strong reputation for investment opportunity, but these markets have grown increasingly saturated.

With a significant concentration of business activity in Atlanta, the metro area has emerged as a budding market for private equity and venture capitalist investors. Successful professionals who grew up in Atlanta or fell in love with the city after relocated are looking to support the continued growth of the area, and private equity investment is a crucial aspect to the cycle.