Accelerate Atlanta

The booming environment of technology startups continues as entrepreneurs and investors realize untapped potential. True opportunities for technology startups were previously restricted to specific geographies, but no more. While global startup hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York City and many more are well established, real opportunity lies in developing a similar innovative culture in our local ecosystem.

Atlanta is already recognized as the business capital of the Southeast, and as our city continues expanding, so will our opportunities. With many Fortune 500 company headquarters in Metro-Atlanta, as well as world-class talent from top ranked Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta offers a unique opportunity for innovators and mentors to collaborate.
With the dramatic increase in startup accelerators in the U.S. alone, budding entrepreneurs must understand the risks and benefits of the wide variety of programs. Early-stage startups are exceptionally vulnerable to outside influence and rushed scaling of their business model. As an innovator you must understand how a given program can help or hurt your future growth. Our team has managed these concerns first hand and understand that successful scaling requires patience, determination and a passion to realize your dreams.

Silver Spirit Global seeks tap the potential that accelerator programs offer their local communities by connecting budding entrepreneurs with knowledgeable industry and business experts. Accelerator programs assist early-stage growth oriented startups by offering valuable networking opportunities, business resources, individualized mentorship opportunities with proven experts, advantageous workspaces and initial financing. We target startups focused on retail, consumer, and business technology solutions.

If your startup could benefit, or you would like to join our network contact us!